Plastic Injection Molding... Plus a Whole Lot More

Taking a product from concept to completion is complicated work.  But Anderson Technologies can help you make product lifecycle management easier and more profitable.

Saying that we do “plastic injection molding” is like saying that Babe Ruth “just played baseball.” Talk about an understatement!  We dig into your projects with you long before any molds are made; and we think with you all the way through materials recovery and recycling.  During this process we can help you with 3D rapid prototyping; advanced design analysis; materials selection; sustainability; and much more, so that your product looks and works exactly the way you intended.

Experienced.  Tech-savvy.  Earth-friendly.  Ready to roll up our sleeves and work with you on your plastic injection molding application, plus a whole lot more.

That’s Anderson Technologies. Enjoy the difference!

Sustainability Strategies
3D Prototyping
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Engineering Services
3D rapid prototype services
Finite Element Analysis
Program management
Product design & engineering support
Moldmaking: domestic & international
Full service in-house tooling
Plastic Injection Molding
Technically advanced injection molding operation
Class A surface and color technologies
Press offerings: 40-800 tons
Insert molding / over-molding / in-mold decorating
Small tonnage multi-shot
Materials: commodity, engineered, and specialty engineered resin
Contract Manufacturing
Product manufacturing
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